Gut feeling

About four weeks ago, on a Saturday, I was told by my employer: “If I was in your shoes, I would be looking for another job!”             Yes he used those exact words. My contract was coming to an end on the 7th November and I have been asking several times if it will get renewed and I got that reply, so I got the hint. I applied for a job straight away through an agency and they arranged a first interview straight away for the Tuesday. I was impressed things were moving fast. The initial interview was a presentation of the company and to see if we could imagine working there. The next step was to write a letter of motivation which would lead to a second step of the interview process. Immediately there was a hitch. The agency thought that there were too many qualifications and jobs on my C.V and asked me to cut out things or combine, plus they wanted a reason why I left every single job I ever had. My gut was telling me then to leave it and walk away. I never had to do this before and why cut out some of my hard earned qualifications? Well I did it anyway. A week later I was called for the second step, also on a Tuesday at 15:00. That was the final time originally I was meant to be there at 13:00, but the night before the agency changed it to 15:00, which made my tummy turn again, as I thought it was odd to change an arranged time at 20:00 at night. Anyway, I drove the 1hr15min to the town where the job was going to be. Yes I was prepared to drive a daily 1hr15min to do this job. I got there at 14:45 and the lady from HR came down to reception and told me that my interview was at 13:00 and that the German specialist was out of the office now. I told her that I was told by the agency to be there at 15:00 and the time was changed very late the previous evening. I was gutted. It was as if the Universe was ending me a loud and clear message to just leave it, it’s not meant to be. My second interview was then on the Thursday and yes I drove the 1hr 15 min again. Everything went well and they assured me to let me know the following day. I heard nothing on the Friday, nor anything after the weekend. On Tuesday night during my evening class at 20:00 the agency lady rang again and said that the company wanted to do one last telephone interview to make absolutely sure. It was arranged for the day after at 16:00. The next morning I get a call where that call for the afternoon was cancelled and they are now calling me on the Friday at 16:00. Another sign from the Universe? Low and behold they rang me on the Friday at 16:00, and they asked me to stay by the phone to tell me if I got the job or not. I waited that night until 19:00 until I finally gave up hope. 

My flight to Germany was on the Monday at 18:00. I just got through security when my phone rang and the agency was telling me that I got the job, but at £4000 less annually then previously agreed. I was gutted. I had to decline the offer as for that money I could not travel that distance every day. I felt let down and lied to all the way. Do those people know what they have been doing to me? On the other hand my gut feeling was telling me all along that this isn’t the right thing, but I was so desperate to get another job I wasn’t listening. The long drive was off putting straight away but I thought I can handle it if the money is right, but in all honesty the job wasn’t me anyway I just didn’t want to see it. I wanted to have the security of any other job to go to. I am now hoping that there is something out there I can do to suit my skills and I am also hoping the Universe will point me in the right direction.

I know some people belittle the gut feeling or say that there is no such thing. I think there is and every now and again we should listen to it. Trust your instincts!

5 thoughts on “Gut feeling

  1. Ye gods – are those the hoops one has to jump through these days in order to get work? Shameful!
    Sounds like your ‘gut’ was quite right all the way through. I hope you quickly find a job you love with a short commute 🙂

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