Book Review: The Break by Mariane Keyes

I actually listened to this book on audible. I did review a book by this author earlier in the year but wasn’t too keen, but this book is different and it has a point.

Amy seems to have it all. three lovely girls, a husband and a career in marketing. But that is about to change when her husband Hugh asks to have a ‘break’ for six months. He has been very distant and depressed. His father died of cancer and a few months later his best friend and he is questioning life itself. When Hugh leaves for Thailand her whole world has collapsed, but eventually she begins an ‘adventure’ of her own.

I really liked this book and I was feeling for Amy. Her whole life she has put others first. When her first marriage broke up to a famous football player she was bringing up a little girl by herself. She then met Hugh and although she was convinced never to marry again, did marry him. They had a girl together called Kiera and they took on another little girl called Sophie, whose parents seemed unable to care for her. Amy always gave and put her family first and working a full time job, so when Hugh announces he wants to have a break, I could really feel her anger. I hated him too at that moment. Her mother too seems to be on a very selfish trip and often calls on Amy to mind her Dad who suffers form Dementia. To escape Amy starts a thing with a publisher called Josh. They have a hot steamy affair. When Hugh returns early from his Thailand trip and Josh is asking for them to live together, she realises something very important. I don’t want to give anything away here.

This book has surprisingly more substance than I thought and actually made me think. It falls heavily in the chick lit category. It was a light read/listen and I enjoyed it.

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