I have embarked on this new weight loss plan that required me to detox for 7 days before you can move up a step. This detox involved cutting out caffeine. I always thought I am not addicted to anything, but OMG did I suffer. The first day was fairly ok until the evening when the headache started. The second day was like hell. I actually felt so ill. I felt sick and I was sweating and my heat felt like it was going to explode. Nothing made the pain better. I took Paracetamol and Ibuprofen in 2hr rhythms just to be able to get out of bed. I could not eat much as I seriously felt so ill. recently I have not drunk much coffee. Only a cup in the morning and then maybe one in the afternoon but not every afternoon. When I worked in a school I used to drink coffee every break about 6 cups a day, but since I have left teaching I have cut down a lot on my coffee consumption. That’s why I was so surprised about how much I was suffering. The third day I had to actually leave the house and meet an old friend of mine and attend a workshop in the morning beforehand. Getting out of bed was so hard. I then drove an hour to where the workshop was. The people leading the workshop both held their coffee mugs in their hands and kept sipping on them whilst talking. It seemed like torture to me. I was very agitated by that fact. I left after an hour to see my friend. We had lunch but to be honest I felt like I wasn’t really there. All I wanted to do is lie down. She had coffee after the meal and I had berry tea. Even my food choice was so healthy and I was totally sticking to the detox plan. When I got home I went straight to bed, with two Paracetamol. I woke up two hours later with a raging headache again, so I ate a little bit and took two Ibuprofen. Day four was yesterday and I only had to take two paracetamol in the morning. Today I have taken no pain killers so far. I think I am ok. The only thing that is worrying me is the complete lack of energy, but the leaflet says that once I am moving on to the next step of the program I will have lots of energy. I can’t wait 😊 

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