Juice Plus Journey

I started my journey with Juice plus on the 26th October. It started with a 7 day detox about which I wrote a blog before. On the 1st November I started with the actual products. What it means is you have a shake, either vanilla or Chocolate, for 2 meals a day and a healthy meal for one. Healthy means gluten and dairy free. This sounds quite restrictive, but trust me it isn’t and I found it easy to include in my lifestyle. I have done many diets before, including the Cambridge diet, but juice plus isn’t a diet as such, it’s more of a lifestyle change. You can eat two snacks in between if you need it. I normally eat fruit or gluten and dairy free snacks. I normally have one of my self made muffins as an afternoon snack. I never feel hungry. Of course you can say any diet where you create a big enough calorie deficit will make you lose weight, which is true, but the juice plus products make it easy and they are super healthy and contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, so your body gets everything it needs. Many diets create a calorie deficit but also lack the vitamins and minerals the body needs, but not Juice Plus. I am not being paid to say this by the way 😉 I was extremely sceptical in the beginning and asked many questions, but I am now convinced that this product is fabulous.

So far I have lost 5kg and I am feeling great. I started swimming again, which I always loved but could never find the energy for. I also started walking 8000 steps a day. Again, critics can now say that of course when you start exercising you lose weight, but I feel so much more energised. I have started on the Berry Bronze plan, which is berry capsules and two shakes a day. I have since ordered the meal bars as well, as they are great for when you are out and about. For my evening meals I have tried a variety of different recipients. Gluten free pasta even and dairy and gluten free pizza, and it does taste amazing.

I have been struggling with my weight for years and have recently read an article about the dangers of being overweight that really brought it home to me. Although my blood and everything was fine at the moment the long term risks are not to be ignored. Yes the article scared me into action and I have found something that works for me with Juice PLus. I will keep you updated. I might even post before and after photos when I am brave enough 😉

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