Collaborative Writing

As I mentioned before I am going to a creative writing class on a Tuesday evening. Last night we did an excercise that encouraged us to write collaboratively. The tutor spread cut out pictures of random people from a magazine on a table and we all had to chose one. Then we were asked to give this person a name. The next step was to find 5 adjectives to describe the person’s appearance and then 5 adjectives to describe their characteristics. Then we had to write down three things that person likes and finally who that person lives with. Then we had to start our story with the sentence it was a dark and stormy night 😉 …and add the characters name and write to more sentences. Then we had to swap our paper with another person in the room and they also had to add two more sentences, taking into consideration the information that was noted down in the beginning. Once that was done, we swapped one more time and added another two sentences to somebodies story. In total we swapped four times. The last picture we received, we had to somehow conclude the story. Then we each read out the final outcome of the collaborative stories. It was great fun and some stories took a surprising turn.

I liked that activity because it took me out of my usual comfort zone, which is crime. I ended up with a quite steamy story about a hot plumber that cam round to fix the pipes, or did he? As I said I am usually not into the whole erotic romance genre writing, but to make sense of the story I had to go with the previous person had written. We laughed a lot. It was great fun to collaborate on a story and it was a good activity to take you out of your usual style and adapt to what the previous people had written, to somehow make the story coherent. It was interesting to see where your original character ended up. If you want to spice up your writing why not join up with somebody else. French and Saunders have done this very successfully for many years.

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