Yes or No and Share your gifts


This may sound really weird to you now. Sometimes when I need an answer for a question that keeps me up at night I do this yes or no oracle thing. For example there is a job at the moment, I have applied for and which I really really want. At the moment they are deciding who to invite for an interview, and I am hoping it will be me! So what I did and do in a lot of these situations. I have two pieces of paper and write yes on one and no one the other. Then I fold them up really small and shake them in my hands. Whichever paper falls out first will give me the answer to my question. This sounds mad I know, but has worked on many occasions. So I asked if I will get this particular job and the paper that fell out was no. I couldn’t accept the answer so I did it several more times and the answer was always no. Now do you think I am mad to believe in this? You probably do. The fact is I really would like this job, but the Universe seems to give me the answer: No! I guess I have to wait and see what happens during the week.

Another thing I occasionally do is asking Oracle cards. I have this set that is called: The Answer Is Simple. I shuffle them and then ask the question I would like an answer to. You can of course just shuffle them and see which card you pick, without a specific question. Today I picked this card:


Share your gifts! That made me think about my gifts. I believe that one of my gifts is writing, so I thought I write this blog to make a start. I am now making a list of my other gifts and possibilities for sharing them. Have you ever noticed that it is really hard to find your gifts, or positive things about you, but how easy it is to find the things you are not good at or that you don’t like about yourself. Give it a go and write down your gifts and see how you could share them. Share your gifts, I dare you 😉 x

4 thoughts on “Yes or No and Share your gifts

  1. For many years I’ve used to through a coin before I had to make important decisions. But then I realized that mostly I did the opposite of what the coin-oracle did tell. 😉 So I stopped that. 😉
    I hope you will get the new job!

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