Book Review: Cartes Postales From Greece by Victoria Hislop

This is an ideal holiday read or a book if you need to escape.

Ellie keeps receiving postcards from different places in Greece. They are all signed with just an A. She is stuck in a dead end job she hates and when the postcards suddenly stop, she decides to fly to Greece, to experience this wonderful country for herself. On the day she is leaving a mysterious package arrives. It’s a diary about A’s travels around Greece. In it are stories about the different places he has visited.

The book combines ancient Greek history with more recent happenings. The story I found the scariest is called ‘Honeymoon’ and the story that made me think the most is called ‘Know Thyself’. I was reading this book on holiday. I really enjoyed it. It’s travel writing, combined with a backstory about Ellie and Anthony. I have never been to Greece, but now I feel I want to visit those places. The book is beautifully written. It has a surprise ending. It has been a pleasure to read.

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