The Greatest Showman

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Today has been another grey and dull day. I didn’t sleep very well during the night and as there is not much work on I actually stayed in bed until 10:30. This is quite unusual for me and I haven’t done this since I was a teenager, but I have little motivation and the weather is really affecting my mood. I decided to cheer me up I would go to the cinema and watch ‘The Greatest Showman’. This film got quite bad reviews, but I wanted to from my own opinion, plus i wanted to do something that would get me out of the house and is good for my soul. From the adverts I already loved the song: ‘This is me’ by Keala Settle 

I enjoyed the film as it was very well shot and very colourful. Although the songs and the dancing did not fit into the period it was set in, I still enjoyed the message this film is trying to convey. A message to never give up and to follow your dreams and to be proud of your achievements despite the judgement of others. It is also a film about knowing when to be pleased with what you have got and to realise who and what is most important in your live. I liked the songs and was engrossed in the story. Hugh Jackman seems to be getting younger 😉 I left the cinema feeling uplifted. My dream is to be a writer, but I have done nothing lately to work towards that dream. I have been letting live get me down and doubt my abilities.

I told you before that I am doing this creative writing course and yesterday I send this long overdue assignment to my tutor. When I got home from the cinema I saw that he had already marked it and send me feedback. I was so surprised by what he wrote that I was close to tears. He was so positive and full of praise. He actually encouraged me to send my work to be published. My doubts about my writing melted away, when I saw that I made no spelling or grammar mistakes, as that is still my biggest fear. I took his advise and send my piece of work to a magazine. I will of course keep you in the loop about what happened. Thank you for reading this.

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