Green makes you creative (part 1)

Picture: ‘Divinus’ by Greg Spalenka 2013 Amber Lotus Publishing

In ‘The Power Of Mindfulness’ magazine I read that according to a study in 2012, green makes you more creative. They suggested to have a green painting in your workspace. As my ‘office’ at home is fairly small and most of the wall space is taken up by book shelves, I needed to find something smaller, in green, to have by my desk. A friend of mine lives in Glastonbury and I was meeting her for a catch up. I thought this would be the ideal place to find something ‘green’ for my workspace. I did actually find three greeting cards, that have green as their major colour and I could somehow relate to, or where in some way significant to me.

I chose the above card because it spoke to me in some way. I like that it is a female. There is a forest in the background, and as I told you before I have a fascination with trees anyway. This female figure seems has a lot of different colours swirling around her head. For me this swirl of colours represents ideas. She’s got all these ideas in her head, and there is no particular order to them. These ideas make her happy, make her smile and keep her alive. Her hands seem to disappear in them, as if they are trying to pull out an idea.

It reminds me of me and my writing progress. There are so many ideas swirling around in my head and I need to go and grab one and put it to paper. Those ideas for my stories, my book, or poems is what keeps me going at the moment. Writing is what gives me joy and makes me smile. It is actually enjoyable to just relish these ideas in my head, but it is also important to put them into words and on paper.

This is the first of three postcards I chose to put around my desk. I will find it a suitable space. In the next two days I will show you the other two cards I chose and tell you why.

3 thoughts on “Green makes you creative (part 1)

  1. Beautiful card. Interesting theory about green. I have a six foot tall Swiss Cheese Plant in my office (which is pleasingly large!) and several other green plants. Indeed, the house is full of plants (and books, and cats and the dog’s beds). I always feel a little uneasy in a house without plants.

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