Green makes you creative (part 2)

Picture ‘Faery Woods’ designed by Lisa Sheldrake exclusively for Happy Glastonbury

As promised here is the second card I chose to put up in my workspace. This card is much lighter green, but still has a little bit of a forest in it. I chose this one primarily because of the two paths. There is a choice here. You can take either path. The one to the right will lead you to Glastonbury Tor or Avalon as it says on the sign post. The path to the right will lead you into the forest, or the Fairy woods. I like the bluebells in the foreground. I love bluebells. They are such happy flowers. There is also a tiny bit of glitter on the card.

Have you ever climbed the tor in Glastonbury? It gets quite steep towards the end, but the view from the top is magnificent. You overlook what legend calls ‘Avalon’. The tor itself is a very significant landmark. You can find more info about that online. Different religious groups have attached different meanings to it over the centuries.

The two paths represent to me the choices we are given in life. Often there are more than two, but to me they are symbolical. The path to the left seems fairly straight forward and you can see where it is leading, while the other path seems more mysterious and uneven. To be honest I would chose the one on the left. The choices I have made lately represent that to me. I have chosen a difficult and uneven path in the hope that it will lead me to somewhere beautiful and that it is worth the effort. I will show you the third card in a blogpost tomorrow.

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