Green makes you creative (part 3)

Picture by Briar ©Eastgate Resources London 2006

Here is the last post card I bought with a green theme to put up in my workspace. I chose this picture simply because I play the flute myself. I play the ‘normal’ flute, but haven’t done so in over a year now. I also play the Native American flute.

I kind of bought that card to remind me that I used to have such fun making music. Especially the Native American flute is so easy to play. I own several. Last year, about this time, I went into the forest to do a flute meditation and some deer 🦌 came to listen to me. I wrote a blog about it at the time. The image on the card reminded me of that. It was such an amazing moment in the forest, just playing with my eyes closed and all for sudden there are these deer just standing in front of me and listening. I wasn’t even scared, I just felt calm and amazed. They knew I didn’t mean them any harm and they were a patient audience. I often think back to that day and keep thinking I need to repeat that. Just like in the image were the forest creatures come to listen to the fairy play to them. I wish I could look like that though 😉

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