True to yourself

On this very rare occasion I am going to put up a picture of myself 😉 …but there is a reason. I have been following a very brave and courageous young lady on Instagram (@kimspiriert). She was fighting breast cancer and very sadly lost the battle on New Year’s Eve. This has moved me a lot. She was only 30 and so full of life and so many things she still wanted to do. She had over 100.000 followers on Instagram and managed to reach so many people.

Following her had led me to read many more Instagram feeds of people that have a lot of followers and the thing they all have in common is that they are very personal and they do post a lot of pictures of themselves. I am not saying they are self obsessed, I just noticed that they seem full of confidence, just like the woman I mentioned above.

Then I read an article in the magazine ‘Happiful’ by Callie Thorpe (@calliethorpe). This is also a very strong and inspiring woman. Callie is on the larger side, but so full of confidence, she shines. So I thought I should start posting more pictures of myself and try and become more confident, be brave. I did about three posts and then I lost my confidence. It felt like I was pretending to be somebody I am not. I posted something about this new ‘lipjuice’ I found in the body shop, or another post about how I hate my body.

I slept on it for a night and deleted the posts the next morning. This was and is just not me. I want to be a writer and capture the moment in words. What I was trying to do then, was to be liked by other people on Instagram to go and impress the masses and I realised that I wasn’t being true to myself. I actually felt embarrassed to have even posted the picture of myself. I am not really into makeup and clothes and I realised that that is ok. I am into books, reading and most of all writing. I am not saying that my posts are more impersonal, but I just don’t feel comfortable with posting pictures of myself. Maybe that is something I need to learn until then I will post pictures that inspire me to write something.

6 thoughts on “True to yourself

  1. That’s a lovely photo of you! It is nice to hear of the inspiring people you came across. Truly, it is the personal that grabs attention for whether on social media or in real life, we seek connections that are deep.

    I can also understand how posting pictures of yourself is just not your thing. I don’t do that myself and there are times when I wonder about myself, whether I am afraid of judgement or am not confident enough. But the fact is that in real life, I am comfortable on my skin.

    So let it rest. Be more personal in your writing. Another mantra that I need to follow.

    Thanks for this thought provoking piece.

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  2. We lose too many of our young to this horrible disease. I liked hearing about her inspiring story. I like the idea of following people on Instagram with more followers. I never really got Instagram. Following someone that knows what they are doing may be helpful.

    You have the most beautiful eyes. Your skin is gorgeous! You needn’t worry about makeup… you are such a pretty lady. Let this post be, don’t delete, and see if you feel comfortable with it being up after two weeks. I like seeing pics only because I like to know who I’m talking to, I like the ‘personal’ touch of a pic. But you gotta do you! I hope more photos are in your future Britta. ~Kim

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