Another Way

This is really good advice from an experienced writer,

Kathy Sharp

PhotoFunia-1497431558You love writing, yes? You want people to read your work, don’t you? So you look for a publisher. It may take a long while, but at last someone takes an interest, and, scarcely able to believe your luck, you find yourself signing a contract. Success!

But do you know what? At that moment the writing you loved undergoes a subtle change; it becomes a product, an item to be sold, and subject to all the cruel laws of the marketplace. When you were writing your book, did you think about selling it? If you did, you’ll be well prepared for what comes next. If not – and you’d be surprised how many people don’t give it a thought – you might be in for a shock when the full requirement for selling and promotion becomes apparent. You will have to start thinking of your book, and subsequent works, as…

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