I am wilting like a primrose

In Germany we have the saying: I am wilting like a primrose. In fact the literal translation is: I am shrinking like a primrose. That’s how I feel some days. I feel everything has been drained from me and I feel my creativity and spirit has died. I feel like I can normally shine so bright, but somedays the light just gets taken from me and I can feel my joy and happiness shrink away. I know I should not let people or circumstances do this to me, but sometimes it’s hard to just shine on.

The choices I have made in life have left me in a dead end job and it scares me. I feel I have so much to offer and even in my current job I feel under-utilised. I work with all these men that will always get a look in before me and it frustrates me so much. I feel all my spirit has been killed and I am just functioning. Anybody that is very creative like me, will know what I am talking about. My creative side is slowly dying and taking my spirit and joy with it. I need some inspiration. Anybody knows where to find some?

I also know that I got myself into this situation and I am the only one that can change it. So watch this space. Until then I would really appreciate some tips on how to overcome these ‘wilting’ phases and things you do to keep you going and inspired. Thank you x

Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I started reading this book about 10 years ago, when I was 30. Then I got as far as the Italy part and lost interest after that. The food bit in Italy was mouthwatering. I loved her description about the culture and the food, and how Italians have the art of enjoying life, down to a T.

This time round I finished the whole book. Maybe because I am going through a divorce myself or maybe because I gained a lot more life experience in the past 10 years. I appreciated the meditating and finding yourself part of the book much more. It made me realise that is important to find oneself in this busy world and knowing your own self worth. Becoming quiet, calming down and enjoying the moment. Appreciating all the good things around you and becoming fully aware of your surroundings.

In the third part she meets her new love. Very interesting new phase of her life as well. Opening up your heart for a new person can be very difficult after a break up.                    I know this book falls into the chick lit section, but it is also very inspirational and has a lot of information about the culture of the three countries she visited, which were Italy, India and Indonesia. Those three countries gave her very different things. Italy fed her stomach, India fed her spirit and Indonesia fed her heart.

I can recommend this book. I am at the moment reading the follow up book to this one called: Committed. A review will follow shortly. Thank you 😉