I am wilting like a primrose

In Germany we have the saying: I am wilting like a primrose. In fact the literal translation is: I am shrinking like a primrose. That’s how I feel some days. I feel everything has been drained from me and I feel my creativity and spirit has died. I feel like I can normally shine so bright, but somedays the light just gets taken from me and I can feel my joy and happiness shrink away. I know I should not let people or circumstances do this to me, but sometimes it’s hard to just shine on.

The choices I have made in life have left me in a dead end job and it scares me. I feel I have so much to offer and even in my current job I feel under-utilised. I work with all these men that will always get a look in before me and it frustrates me so much. I feel all my spirit has been killed and I am just functioning. Anybody that is very creative like me, will know what I am talking about. My creative side is slowly dying and taking my spirit and joy with it. I need some inspiration. Anybody knows where to find some?

I also know that I got myself into this situation and I am the only one that can change it. So watch this space. Until then I would really appreciate some tips on how to overcome these ‘wilting’ phases and things you do to keep you going and inspired. Thank you x

2 thoughts on “I am wilting like a primrose

  1. I think it’s important to be where creative people are, when one’s feeling particularly uncreative, and let some of it rub off. Could you do a workshop? I hesitate to mention any round Weymouth because I think you may be living further east now? I did one with Black Ven in West Bay, just a morning, thinking and writing about nature, the sea, how it made us feel. It was a real escape into creativity. Not quite like the Friday morning ones we used to do together – much more directed. And shorter. And on a Saturday. I’m not sure if you consider yourself a poet – but poetry is such a useful short form which energy and time is in short supply. Feel better, dear.

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