Everything falls into place

My last post was about worrying too much. Today I learnt that everything falls into place just as it should be and all the worry in the world was for nothing.

This year has been very turbulent with many ups and downs. I finally found a ‘happy’ place in live and in love 😍 and it feels great.

After moving several times this year I have now found a new home with my new man. He is so supportive. I am a lucky πŸ€ woman. My dream was to study more and gain a PhD and my new man has been encouraging me to apply. And I got accepted and my course is starting on the 27th of this month. Scary 😱 When I say he has been encouraging me, it was more like a good talking to, to stop wasting my life and use my skills 😊. He reads this blog and I know he will be smiling right now. I guess I met him just at the right time and I now get my once in a lifetime chance to realise my dream. I feel very blessed.

I needed a place to stay in the city where my University is and today that issue sorted itself out as well. I need to learn to let go more often and to stop trying to predict the outcome of everything, as in the end it will all be as it will be. Que sera x

7 thoughts on “Everything falls into place

  1. I to have had a very turbulent year britta I never thought I would find love in my life again but I must say I am very proud to be with you as a partner and soul mate you are a great person and I am so pleased you are going to uni to do what you were meant to do in this life to teach people and enjoy the job you do love Alan x

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