Lava lamp

I recently revamped my office and added a lava lamp. Not a fancy one. It was really cheap actually. Today when I got home after being away for a few days I switched it on and watched what happened. When the mass inside finally got warm enough and started separating I was mesmerised. Of course I have seen lava lamps before but I never watched it from the beginning when the thick liquid inside starts making forms and moving around in the clear water. It was absolutely silent around me, which added to the ‘magic’. It was like when it first starts snowing and all sound is muted and you look out of the window and watch the snow fall. It happens silently. The falling of snow makes no noise at all and I got that same feeling from watching the lava lamp. It somehow makes me feel more relaxed and silent. It forced me to be still and just watch it happen. I can’t quite put the feeling into words, but it was just what I needed today.

I have been so busy with University and getting course work ready and my thoughts are doing somersaults in my head. I have not been sleeping well for days and still I just could not calm my mind down to form a clear thought. I have to get two story ideas ready for submission and I have a clear way to start them but can’t really find a clear way through them. But today just sitting there and watching the lamp has helped me to calm my thoughts down and kind of think about nothing for a few minutes, just emptied it, or shut the thoughts off. It was so great. Like a shower for the mind. It kind of cleansed it. I can highly recommend to get yourself a lava lamp!

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