Visit to the salt grotto

Due to a family bereavement I am staying with my mum in Germany. Yesterday afternoon we visited the local salt grotto. I had never been to one before.

Here is a description of what a salt grotto is. I copied the text from their website:

A visit to the salt cave strengthens the immune system, prevents diseases and puts you in a comfortable state of relaxation.

Rest on comfortable loungers at comfortable temperatures without changing your clothes. Insulated light and gentle sounds invite you to relax. Enjoy the smoothing atmosphere and absorb precious minerals and trace elements with each breath. Your whole organism can easily relax from the stress of everyday life.

A session last 45 minutes. You are lying or sitting in a reclining chair and cover yourself up in a very snug blanket. You can really feel the salt in the air on your lungs. For extra energy you can hold two metal handles in each hand. I am finding it hard to relax, so I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. Soon my whole body was tingling. The time passed very quickly. Afterwards I felt great. I have had a bad back for ages and I felt good. No pain and really relaxed.

Each blanket had a spiral on it as well. This spiral is a Celtic symbol. Here is the explanation from their website:


    The spiral is an ancient and mysterious symbol of the Celts. Their importance is not fully understood and will certainly remain a myth. It is assumed that the spiral symbolizes the journey from the inner life to the outer soul. This outer soul includes the own way of the knowledge, as well as the way to higher mental forms. The spiral is therefore the epitome of growth, development and energy.
    In the Salt Cave in Gießen you can try on our DAGREWA cuddly blanket. Feel the cosmic energy for your body.

The dark side is for warmth and the light side for cold, depending on what your body needs energy wise.

Some if the text are copied from:

I really enjoyed the experience and would like to go again before my return to the UK.

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