For my University course I had to read an article by Zadie Smith called “Joy” (…).

She writes that finding joy in your life is quite difficult and even if we do, that feeling of joy does not last very long. in the second paragraph she mentions how much pleasure and joy she gets from food. Even a little pineapple popsicle gives her great joy for a few minutes. I could really relate to that. Two years ago I went on the “a hundred days of happiness challenge. Every day I had to post a picture of something that made me happy that day on a social media website. After a while I noticed that most days my picture contained food. I once wrote a whole poem about how much I love coffee and cake. I thought about that a while ago, when I put myself through a really strict diet of shakes and bars. Why does food give me such joy?

Yesterday I had to go to my GP for my over 40 health check. This check up is to determine the risk of getting a cardio vascular decease. The GP weight and measured me, took blood and checked my pulse and blood pressure. at the end my result was 0.5%. Now that is great isn’t it? But she got really hang up on me being overweight. I have a really healthy cholesterol level, I don’t smoke and only very rarely drink alcohol. She also said that out of all the health checks she did that day I was by far the healthiest, yet all that wasn’t good enough she advised me to go on a diet. I guess she had to, as my BMI was not in the healthy zone.

Two weeks ago I had dinner with a friend of mine. She also has issues with her weight and knows she needs to do something about it. We had a long chat and she said that if she took food away at the moment she would deny herself the only pleasure in life she has left. While food is not the only pleasure I have in my live, I could still understand what she meant. Now this is a whole different can of worms when one uses food as an emotional pick up and I won’t go to deep into it with this blog post.

Of course people also derive joy from plenty of other things, as do I, but the article really made me think about food in particular. Thank you for reading.

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