Accepting Kindness

There have been a few time lately that people have been very kind to me and I noticed that I found it very difficult to accept it. Today a surprise parcel arrived in the post. My best friend from Germany had send me a yellow handbag. It is a very special bag as it is produced by a company called ‘Zwei’ and it is a bag that is not available on the market anymore. It can’t be bought anywhere. The model and the colour have been discontinued. For weeks I had been searching online, if maybe, on the off chance there would be one available anywhere in the world. my search was unsuccessful.

My friend lives in Weiterstadt where the bags are actually made and there is an outlet store. Every trip to Germany we go there. The lady that works there is called Funda. We have a chat and a chinwag every time I’m there. She has a Turkish family background and we often talked about what it is like to live abroad. My friend told Funday’s about my unsuccessful search of the bag. She said that she had one at home and it is hardly used. The next day my friend went to the shop. I was prepared to pay almost anything for this rare bag, but Funda said it was a present. She wanted nothing for it.

When the bag arrived in the post today my friend told me this story and I actually started crying. I was so touched by this gesture. Somebody doing something for me without wanting anything in return. It is so rare nowadays.

My life has turned by 360 degrees in the past year and I have noticed that I am truly happy. This happiness reflects in my own manor towards people. When I go to work and people hug me or say ‘Oh I love her’. I have noticed that when I’m happy the world reflects that back to me. My aim was never to be the most popular person at work, or even to be liked, it just happened. My environment reflected back at me what I’m giving out. It is a great feeling and gives me a real boost. The same is to be said for my relationship. My partner supported me in realising my dream and I’m supporting him with his goals in life. He is a very happy go lucky guy. This sounds really cheesy now, but our relationship is very happy. We talk about things without getting cross. We make plans together and have ‘adventures’ (days out). All this has really turned my life around and I feel I am just beginning to get my shine back.

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