Book review: How to Fail by Elizabeth Day


I downloaded this book on audible as it was recommended to me. I managed to listen to it all within three days as it is such a great book. Because I am writing a non-fiction novel myself I ordered a hard copy as well, just so I can re-read the parts that touched me the most. Elizabeth Day describes with much honesty what some women have to go through to have a baby. She describes with much clarity what it is like to have fertility treatment. The bit that brought tears to my eyes was when she described her miscarriage. The rawness of the awful event and the emotions are captured in such a relatable way. The book talks about failure of friendships, relationships, jobs, a marriage and education.

In the beginning of the book she also talks about her time in Ireland and what it was like to be a foreigner, although they speak the same language. How she was an outsider because she spoke with a perfect English accent. I could really related to parts of the book. Day also talks about her career as a writer, first a journalist and later a writer of several novels. It made me realise that if you really want something in life you have to work on it and be dedicated. She wrote her first novel whilst she was still doing another full time job. As a writer I could really relate to that and it made me realise that I have to put more hours into my writing. Elizabeth Day is an inspiring women and this book teaches everybody, that in order to succeed one needs to fail. I can highly recommend this book.

#elizabethday #howtofail

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