The weather has such a big influence on how we feel. The sun makes a huge difference to our mood and after a long winter we all need lots of vitamin D. Yet, the weather has been terrible this year in April and May in Germany. Last year we were able to sit outside most days, but this year the weather is very moody.

At first I wouldn’t let this get me down. But it is beginning to get on my nerves. I have lost 20Kg since November and exercise is a big part of my daily routine. In the winter I ran a lot, although I am more of a cyclist and swimmer.

Through Corona all swimming pools are closed, so I was looking forward to some big cycling tours to explore our area further, but it’s not much fun in the rain. Last Sunday the weather was glorious and I did this really long trip through our forests 🌳. I bought myself an off road Mountainbike and I can actually go straight through the forest. I love it. You don‘t meet anybody apart from some 🦌 deer and the other day I even met a huge stag. I find that very uplifting and exhilarating.

As I want this post to be uplifting I can tell you what I have done to keep myself from getting down.

Corona gives us a lot of limitations here in Germany and nothing much is open in our region, due to the high numbers, so I had to find highlights within those boundaries. I love a challenge 😉

I made a plan, where I do something everyday I can look forward to. I enrolled on a free online course for one week about how to publish a book, as this is still my main goal. This course is every night at 20:15. Yesterday I invited my family round for coffee and cake. The day before that a carpenter came round as I am planning to make the stairs to my attic office a bit nicer as this is going to be my main working and creating space (photos will follow). I have also planned our meals in advance for the whole week, but this is also to help me stay focused on my diet goals.

Plan something for everyday that will help lift your mood. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. it can be as little as trying out a new facemask, or having a bubble bath, or trying out a new flavour tea and sitting down for 10 minutes to enjoy that. I also bought myself some new books. I told my husband they are for research purposes 😊 I am looking forward to reading them. I am planning some time every day to just sit down and read for a little while. As you can see the possibilities are endless. If you have any more ideas feel free to comment on this post. I wish you all a wonderful week 😘

One thought on “Moody

  1. lovely ideas! a gratitude list does wonders for me – even going thru it alphabetically in my mind when I’m feeling down. phoning friends. recognizing that feelings pass. & reading your sweet blog post that reminds I’m not alone in struggling at times. I’m sure your husband feels very fortunate that you’re honest & at the same time working hard to uplift both of you ❤ I try to remember that my happiness helps others…

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