Capture the moment in words

A lot of people have asked me why my website is called Capture the moment in words.

I used to be very interested in photography. In a photograph you capture a special moment in time forever. A moment that will never occur like that again.

I am trying to do the same with words. I am trying to capture one moment in time with words. A moment that will never occur in the same way again.

I am trying to do this by either poems, short stories or even with my autobiographical novel that is in the making: A Different Shade of Green.

I believe that words can be very powerful and when we put them onto paper, or screen we need to think carefully about the words we chose. We live in a world of instant messages. It often feels rushed to me and I am trying to compile an Instagram post in less than 5 Minutes. With my website I am trying to pause for thought and capture a beautiful moment in the best way possible, just like we try in a photograph. A little snapshot with words to be captured.

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