Slow Down


Slow Down or life will find a way to slow you down

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but last week my husband had a health,  which made me think about stress and the affects it has and what it feels like.

I came up with the list below, if you can think of anymore ways to describe stress, please leave a comment, as I am trying to put together a poem about it.


Short of breath


No time


Not paying attention to details




Too much

Not thinking things through


Overlooking things

Trying to cope



No sleep


I was also trying to think of what it feels like to de-stress and the feelings I have when I am not stressed. I created the list below. Again, if you can think of anything to add, please comment.



Deep breaths


Warm feeling


Taking in the moment

Feet up

Noticing things: like taste, smell, touch etc.

Having time spare

Being outdoors



Creating this list has made me realise that I can’t think of many things of how it feels like not to be stressed.

I am setting myself the challenge to de-stress more often, to take a deeper breath more often, to slow down the moment. Even at work I realised today that if I just stop, take a deep breath and think about the situation, it will work out better.

I made time this morning to have a coffee before I went into lessons, because there is no need to rush around, I have time and even if I am two minutes late the world doesn’t end.


A few weeks ago I read the following somewhere: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Will the problem that is presenting itself to you, still affect you in five years? If the answer is no, then there is no point to get stressed over it.

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