A bank robbery from the floor perspective #642thingstowriteabout

I am lying face down on the floor. They asked us to put our hands next to our bodies. This is quite uncomfortable. I feel like crying. I can see their feet walking up and down. They are all wearing black heavy-duty army type boots. I can see the end of their long machine guns. I can hear a lot of voices. Some people are crying. I can hear one of them asking the cashiers to hurry up. I need to move somehow as this position is really hurting me. But then I decide not to move because being uncomfortable is better than being dead. One of them is standing right next to me. I can see him lifting his gun. Oh no is he going to shut me? But I haven’t done anything. He points the gun at the back of my head. ‘Stop crying bitch or you gonna get it.’ I didn’t realise I as sobbing so loudly. I try and stop but my whole body is shacking. Then I hear another voice: ‘Leave her alone and give mickey a hand with the bags.’ He then comes really close to my ear and whispers: ‘It’s your lucky day bitch,’ then he stands up and laughs. I can see his feet moving away from me. I feel my breathing calm down. Next thing I hear is shots. I am too scared to look up so I cover my head with my hands. I am terrified. I don’t want to die. Then all for sudden I can hear feet moving really quickly across the floor. I slowly open my eyes and turn my head to the side. Then somebody shouts: ‘Police drop your weapons.’ More shots are being fired. I can hear a body land next to me. When I turn my head, I can see it is one of the masked bank robbers. He is dead. Next thing I hear is a policeman: ‘Ok, Ladies and Gentlemen your nightmare is over you can get up from the floor. Everything hurts me and it is quite difficult to sit up after lying face down for so long. One of the policeman helps me up. I look around and can see that the only person that got shot was a bank robber, everybody else is fine. Well shaken up but unhurt.