Me in a nutshell

img_0111My name is Britta. I am German, but I have lived in the U.K. for nineteen years. In 2019 I moved back to Germany. I have more qualifications than I can count and have tried more jobs than most. I have been a teacher, a coach driver, a lorry driver, a technical author, a tour guide …only to mention a few, but in none of these jobs I ever felt really full filled. I have always loved reading and writing and after a lot of thought I have decided in order to get my work out there I need to create this website.

I work in a German Secondary school and I teach English.

This is quite a brave step, in my opinion, as my writing is very personal to me. On this page you will find some of my short stories, as well as an every day blog. I hope these stories will bring you enjoyment, make you laugh or think.

Feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy 🙂

P.S: I wanted to put a picture of me in the nutshell, but my photoshop skills are appalling, so here is one of me:

25 thoughts on “Me in a nutshell

  1. HI there! Yes writing is very personal and it is a very brave thing you are doing by putting yourself out there. It’s daunting and scary but oh so worth it. If the number of your followers are anything to go by, then you’re doing pretty well.

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  2. Hello Britta,
    I can relate to your statement about sharing your writing with the world at large as writing is personal and akin to bearing your soul and spirit to all and sunder. I look forward to reading more of your work and will follow you. Thank you for following me.
    Kind regards,

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  3. Welcome to the blogosphere – and to my blogging community! Writing is fun, fulfilling, challenging… and here in the blogs, we meet so many fascinating people and read interesting stuff. Can’t get better than that 🙂

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  4. Britta, I loved Your in a nutshell – very clever. I hear You on Photo processing! Such a lovely photo of You, love the smile and Your eyes, be careful who You point them at? Ha!

    I am so glad that You are now following me!! I love meeting new Friends! I am now following You too, but I will tell You I have a preference for poems. Am I going to be on a diet?? I have a book that really helped me love and learn to write them that You might want to check out – Poemcrazy – check it out on see the reviews. See You soon!!!

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      • I am looking forward to seeing You often. Poems don’t have to be long. I have found it fun and productive to keep a Word Bank where You deposit words or phrases that really hit You. Great to get a poem from one of these and Great to let the person who gave You the seed a thank You too – Win-Win!
        Happy Day!


  5. Hi Britta , Love your name. It has a crunch to it. What I love about your blogs and stories is that its purely you out there, your experiences. I write the same way .. Its all about me and my experiences that come forth in my writing and I believe this is a brave thing to do. To let the world peep into your own world…
    Looking forwards to read more from you..

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